Sponsors & Supporters

Thank you to our sponsors!

Interested in being a sponsor? Get in touch with us at quintessence.space@gmail.com!

Unbounded Media is a corporate consultation, branding, digital marketing, photography, video production, and website design team that is equipped with highly skilled individuals to carry out marketing strategies through different social media platforms. Unbounded's primary goal is to provide high quality & personalized videography and photography services using high end equipment; they have used their experience, time, and diverse skill set to aid us in our processes whenever and however possible, and it is clear that they would be an asset to any company.


AstroAI offers a variety of products designed to make the daily lives of its customers easier and help them complete tasks more efficiently. AstroAI allowed us to work in their office space throughout the course of the project, and it is in large part thanks to them that we have come so far with our project.

Individual Thanks

Thank you to Teri Taketa-Graham, Robert Miyoshi, Latrice Gibbs, Nana and Steve, Dylan Cheng, Meena Janmohamed, Alita Hines, Dr. Crystal Babb, Vianey Gomez, Jennifer Faulhaber, The Rulison Family, Carolyn McLoughlin, Nick Miyoshi, Jonathan Phan, Unbounded Media, John Quintos, and Maureen Janmohamed, not only for donating to our GoFundMe, but believing in our vision and being willing to support us as we reach for our goal of positively impacting the future of space exploration.

Thank you to Alyson Kim for her help with our logo design.

Thank you to so many others who we have not listed here, including but not limited to each of our respective schools (Cypress College, Fullerton College, Cerritos College, and Santa Monica College) for connecting us to NCAS (which lead us to Micro-G NExT), our families for their support, and NASA for giving us the opportunity to creatively engage with the future of space technology.